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Rustic Living Winter Outdoor Planter

Rustic Living Winter Outdoor Planter


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This isn’t your average winter arrangement…. This Rustic Living Winter Outdoor Planter features a large winter hardy bush that is tastefully decorated with  festive decor…such as ornaments, cones, birch etc…and comes with a modern black outdoor urn.

The photo features a 3 Gallon Juniper bush that can be planted in the garden after the holiday season! This is a gift that can be enjoyed for years and years to come!

Prices range from $74.95 (simple: bush and urn) to $249.95 (extensively decorated). As shown is $124.95*

If you have an urn already then we can provide you with an insert all ready to place inside! Just let us know in the notes field or give us a call!

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